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  • Biomass Resource Recycling Project

    Biomass Resource Recycling Project

    Application :Kitchen WasteProject Introduction :The first phase of China Biomass Resource Recycling ...

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  • Tide Power Gas Generator Project

    Tide Power Gas Generator Project

    Application :Farmingproject Introduction :The total land area of the project is about 233 acre divid...

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  • Power Plants

    Power Plants

    Tide Power has lot of experience in power plants. The entire power plant mainly includes automatic o...

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  • Mining


    The Tide Power mine power program increases mine and smelting plant construction operations effic...

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  • Outdoor Projects

    Outdoor Projects

    Many outdoor projects which have strickly requirment are using Tide Power power solutions, it has...

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  • Oil Fields

    Oil Fields

    Oil fields have a lot of demand for power supply. The power for oil fields allows absolutely no in...

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